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From Joe Baldwin <>
Subject Re: ORM Comparison
Date Thu, 09 Aug 2007 20:47:30 GMT
Thanks for your comment concerning the large data sets.  As I recall,  
EOF choked on large data sets when I was coding Obj-C.  I don't know  
what the problem was, but I do recall that there was a hard limit.

My interest (right now) is primarily with the various methods by  
which Entities & Relationships can be mapped using the two different  
tools and then how much capability is offered using the two different  
(or perhaps not so different) persistence-management models.  My  
*current* understanding is that Cayenne is very similar to EOF and  
relies upon the CayenneModeler to: create/analyze/reverse-engineer  
(or any combo) resulting in cayenne metadata (xml files),  
instantiated DBMS schema, and auto-generated Java persistence  
classes.  Whereas Hibernate relies on a raw (hand edited) xml- 
metadata file, but also supports the xdoclet POJO mapping (which  
*appears* to support/require that the objects be maintained by  

Also, if I understand correctly, Cayenne may have a tad more elegant  
and mature persistence architecture (guessing on this one because I  
am not an EOF expert).

The advantage of EOF and EOF Modeler was the maturity of the  
architecture with respect to managing the DataContext-layer as well  
as it was a central hub for instantiation of an abstract Entity- 
Relationship model.  I have not been able to verify if Hibernate  
"groks" this way of being used or not.  Cayenne certainly does.

On Aug 9, 2007, at 2:23 PM, Joe Baldwin wrote:

> This is a general question I would guess at the "use case" level.
> I was recently in a conversation in which I was challenged about  
> the selection of Cayenne over Hibernate.  I have only researched  
> Hibernate & run some elementary demo tests.  My conclusion was that  
> Hibernate allows you to create a mapping via an XML metadata file  
> but that some of the mapping responsibilities (currently found in  
> Cayenne) are left to the programmer to resolve and maintain.  I  
> specifically pointed to Cayenne Modeler as an example of an  
> essential tool supporting the 'change it in one place' philosophy  
> that impacts maintenance time budgeting.
> It was asserted that Hibernate could do anything that Cayenne could  
> do.  In addition, the CayenneModeler advantage was dismissed with a  
> comment concerning an Eclipse plugin that is supposed to support  
> the same features.
> Things change very quickly in the OpenSource world so perhaps I  
> could have made a mistake, however, I don't think that I am that  
> far off the mark.  Is there a white paper that might discuss the  
> differences (couldn't find one at the Hibernate site)?  Does anyone  
> have an opinion?

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