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From Ahmed Mohombe <>
Subject Re: DataViews heads up
Date Mon, 30 Jul 2007 18:46:00 GMT
> As was promised before, DataViews code is split from Cayenne into a 
> standalone subproject. Anybody who wants to continue to use DV with 
> Cayenne 3.0, read the information here:
Thank you for making it a standalone module (not a sandbox project).

Few questions:
#1. Will someone check-in submitted patches (so that the trunk to contain everything)?
(If yes, how to proceed? )

#2. Will it be possible/allowed to publish (somewhere) a build, e.g. dev-version (even if
not on 
Apache - e.g.
a version that might contain some patches). It would be important especially for the DVModeler,
since this might be used even by non-programmers who are not able to build by themselfs .

#3. How to build a "distribution" with the new maven build? (with ANT it was build as part
of the cayenne distribution, with the documentation included - with that Confluence plug-in).

Thanks in advance,


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