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From Jack O'Connor <>
Subject Re: show table status
Date Fri, 20 Jul 2007 22:15:11 GMT
Good news! It's getting correct results:

INFO  QueryLogger: show table status
INFO  QueryLogger: === returned 34 rows. - took 86 ms.
Exception in thread "main" INFO  QueryLogger: +++ no commit - 
transaction controlled externally.
java.lang.ClassCastException: org.objectstyle.cayenne.DataRow
	at com.statistics.MainStatistics.main(

It recieved the correct number of rows (34), but when I try to access 
them, I get errors. I've tried using an arbitrary class, and creating a 
model in cayenne especially for the "show table status" table, with 
attributes "Data_length" etc, so I have the correct getters and setters, 
but no luck...

Is there a way to extract generic data form an undefined "Map"?
Many Thanks

Andrus Adamchik wrote:
> Just try it :-)
> Don't forget to call "setFetchingDataRows(true)" as mentioned by 
> Michael. This is what makes the difference. The result will be a list of 
> Maps.
> Andrus
> On Jul 20, 2007, at 8:45 PM, Jack O'Connor wrote:
>> OK, but then if I use
>> SQLTemplate select = new SQLTemplate(Artist.class, "show table status");
>> List artists = dataContext.performQuery(select);
>> Surely I will have Artist objects, and will only be able to use that 
>> classes defined "getters and setters"? i.e. How will I extract data 
>> from columns: data_length and index_length?
>> Thanks
>> Jack
>> Andrus Adamchik wrote:
>>> In this case it is needed to pick the right database (Cayenne 
>>> potentially can access more than one). You can use an arbitrary class 
>>> from your model in this case.
>>> Andrus
>>> On Jul 20, 2007, at 5:24 PM, Jack O'Connor wrote:
>>>> Thanks for the reply, but all the SQLTemplates on that page require 
>>>> a class/table to refer to (all the examples are for Artist.class). 
>>>> The MySQL command "show table status" doesn't apply to any 
>>>> particular class...
>>>> Jack
>>>> Michael Gentry wrote:
>>>>> I would think you'd be able to use an SQLTemplate to perform that 
>>>>> kind of query:
>>>>> You'll want to call setFetchingDataRows(true) on your SQLTemplate
>>>>> object, too, otherwise Cayenne will try to make CayenneDataObjects out
>>>>> of it.  Do this before you run performQuery().
>>>>> /dev/mrg
>>>>> On 7/19/07, Jack O'Connor <> wrote:
>>>>>> Hi all, in my project I need to extract the total db size(kb). Im

>>>>>> using
>>>>>> Cayenne 1.2.3 and MySQL and I found the SQL command "show table 
>>>>>> status
>>>>>> from <db name>" which displays a table of information about
all of 
>>>>>> the
>>>>>> tables in a certain db. This table has columns like "Name"(of table),
>>>>>> "Data_length" and "Index_length", and apparently the best way to

>>>>>> extract
>>>>>> the size(kb) of a db is to sum the Data_length and Index_length 
>>>>>> columns
>>>>>> of this table.
>>>>>> Does anyone know how I can get the results of this query into java?
>>>>>> Many Thanks
>>>>>> Jack

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