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From Florijan Stamenkovic <>
Subject Re: Java Client
Date Wed, 27 Jun 2007 13:26:21 GMT
Hi everyone,

Thanks a lot for the feedback, I really appreciate it! It made it  
clear to me that there are efforts to make rich apps backed by  
Cayenne, and people working on it.

At the moment Java Client is still alive within WO, but none of us  
know how that will progress. Anyway, without knowing if Apple will  
abandon it or not, I am not willing to switch to Cayenne, I have  
invested already a lot of work into what Aristeded describes below,  
with WO.

However, the future seems a bit brighter :)

CNG Havaso Ltd.

> On 26/06/2007, at 11:36 PM, Florijan Stamenkovic wrote:
>> 1. Are there many people using Java Clients with Cayenne?
> Probably quite a few. Here's ours:  You can  
> download and play with it since it is free....
>> 2. How do the users of it see the effort / results proportion?
> Terrific. We always wish that code just wrote itself :-) but  
> Cayenne has worked really well.
>> 3. Is there a sub-community in Cayenne working together on solving  
>> common JC problems, I am especially interested in integrating it  
>> with rich Swing apps?
> I am not aware of one, but perhaps this list is a good place to  
> start. If others get bored we could always form a separate group,  
> but let's see who is interested. Some of things we've done with  
> Cayenne/Swing which may be of interest are:
> * a controller hierarchy (not strict MVC but almost) which deals  
> with Cayenne objects within a Swing layout
> * listeners and events which load values directly into subclasses  
> of text areas, jlabels, combos, etc, etc.
> * a pretty sophisticated type-ahead (clairvoyance) field
> * Cayenne validation propagated visually back to entry areas within  
> the GUI
> I'd guess that about 30-50 man-months of effort have gone into our  
> GUI and how it interacts with Cayenne. Quite a lot of work for a  
> small company like us, but the results have been very nice. Under  
> some circumstances I'd consider opening up what we've done to  
> others but I'm a little concerned about the amount of effort for us  
> to document and generalise some of our code suitable for outsiders  
> to use, particularly given the large amount of work we have on at  
> the moment.
>> 4. If someone is familiar with both EOF and Cayenne, can you draw  
>> some comparison (related to JC possibilities and handling)?
> Our initial decision to go with Cayenne was based on licensing  
> issues with EOF some years ago and the lack of documentation about  
> EOF three-tier. We are glad we decided the go the way we did.  
> Although the technologies are similar in many ways, Cayenne of  
> course has the clear advantage of being completely transparent: if  
> you want to add a feature or fix a bug you can...
> Ari Maniatis
> -------------------------->
> Aristedes Maniatis
> phone +61 2 9660 9700
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