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From "Kevin Menard" <>
Subject RE: Cayenne Generated Classes in Web Service API
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2007 20:37:11 GMT
Hi Michael,

Last year we had a Google Summer of Code project that provided an ROP
implementation via WSDL.  I mentored the project, but still have not had
the time to integrate it into Cayenne proper.  If you're interested, we
can look at what's necessary to complete that work.


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> From: Michael Lepine [] 
> Sent: Thursday, June 07, 2007 11:36 AM
> To:
> Subject: Cayenne Generated Classes in Web Service API
> This may be off topic but hopefully it's not considered to be.
> I am researching options for creating a web services-based 
> API for our company's flagship product. The data model 
> backing the application has quite a few tables. A lot of the 
> functionality we want to support involves exporting or 
> importing entities with multiple one-to-many relationships 
> with other tables.
> My planned approach was to suck in the schema and generate 
> the Java classes with Cayenne, which would do all the hard 
> work for me related to creating beans with the proper 
> one-to-many relationships. This (of course) worked great.
> The second part of my plan was to use the Cayenne-generated 
> Java classes in my Web Services API. I figured that by using 
> those classes in the API, the generated WSDL for my service 
> would include a schema definition of the objects (and all 
> relationships) saving me a lot of time. I'm using AXIS2 from 
> Apache to generate and run the service, and the WSDL does not 
> include a full definition of the Cayenne classes as I'd hoped.
> I was wondering if anyone else is using Cayenne-generated 
> Java classes in Web Services that they've written and if so, 
> did you do anything special? Were there any issues that you 
> encountered. Any advice that may help?
> - Mike

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