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From Alexander Lamb <>
Subject Behavior of "remove(object)" on ToManyList
Date Thu, 24 May 2007 07:54:46 GMT
Hello list,

I am fetching a "List" of objects (a too many relationship).

Then in a loop, I am removing some objects:

	  List<RegistryCenter> rcs = getRegistry().getRegistryCenters();
	  List centers = getSelectedCountry().getCenters();
	  for(RegistryCenter rc:rcs)

Now, this doesn't always work. Actually, it fails if "centers" is a fault (I checked in the
Cayenne code).

If I simply do a "size()" of "contains" on the list before my loop for example. My list will
fire and my loop will function correctly, removing objects when present in the list.

So there is a workaround, but I was wondering why the "remove(object)" in
behaved differently than for example "remove(index)" which will correctly fire the fault.

In other words, "remove(object)" is the only function which does not systématically fire
the fault.




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