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From Tore Halset <>
Subject Re: AW: postgres, idle in transaction
Date Wed, 04 Apr 2007 08:30:19 GMT

I am using cayenne with PostgreSQL, but have not seen this problem.  
Are you using a new PostgreSQL release and and a jdbc-driver matching  
that version? Search has one  
bugfix related to this from back in 2004.

In a (old) non-cayenne environment I have had some problems with  
connections not properly closed after use. I tracked down that  
problem by saving the stacktrace (new Exception()) and a timestamp  
every time a Connection is required. That way I had a register over  
all Connections and was able to find the ones that was not closed  
after use.

Could you try to create a small example that reproduce this problem?

  - Tore.

On Apr 4, 2007, at 8:31, Peter Schröder wrote:

> thank you for your reply, but we are experiencing "idle in  
> transaction" connections that are hung and have to be killed  
> manually. there are a lot of other connections in state "idle"  
> which we recognized as the connection-pool. so we are already  
> worrying ;-).
> we have a lot of background/scheduled tasks in our app, so we dont  
> really know where the problem occurs. currently we are searching  
> our logs to find something usefull.

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