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From Andrus Adamchik <>
Subject Re: commitChanges() doesn't imply commit in db ?
Date Wed, 04 Apr 2007 18:05:03 GMT
Cool - there may have been some misunderstanding on my part as  
well :-) I misinterpreted your suggestion, which was an offer of help  
with access to the environment.

Anyways, let's move ahead with that. On Saturday I should get access  
to my old Mac laptop with Sybase 12 installed on it. If you could  
open a Jira with the code attachment that reproduces the problem,  
I'll try to run it in my env.

BTW, can you reproduce it without, just by running multiple parallel  


On Apr 4, 2007, at 12:46 PM, jerome moliere wrote:
> 2007/4/4, Andrus Adamchik <>:
>> Hi Jerome,
>> I hope you don't mind that I am taking my reply back to the list to
>> explain the line between free and commercial support for Cayenne.
>> First - my proposal to help you as a consultant is not a business
>> model! This is just reflecting a fact that there is only so much time
>> a small developer community can dedicate to helping with specific
>> user projects.
> It's clear from my point of view...but regarding different answers  
> in this
> thread, I 'm not  totally convinced  that my problems are  just users
> problems...
> Cayenne works with Sybase. All releases are tested against Sybase,
> interesting should be developped...
> and I am planning to do some testing again soon, when I get access to
>> a Sybase instance. If you can demonstrate that this is a bug in
>> Cayenne (which I am not yet convinced), we'll be glad to fix it.
> if you don't hs have any server available it will be hard isn't it ?
> i'll try to setup a testcase for showing these problems... if I can
> reproduce them with determinism
> The line between what can and what can't be done as a free support is
>> pretty fuzzy,
> like many lines in fact -)
> but asking to debug a fairly complex setup on your
>> hardware IMO crosses this line... unless there are more indicators
>> that this is a Cayenne bug, not the driver bug or not the bug in your
>> code. Please understand - there are many users, so there is a limit
>> in personalized help.
> no problem with that...
> no stress....
> my only desire was to try to improve your product thinking that  
> you  did'nt
> have any Sybase server...
> Not the case ? forget my email....-)
> Cheers
> Jerome
> -- 
> Jerome Moliere - Mentor/J
> auteur Eyrolles

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