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From Aristedes Maniatis <>
Subject Re: Datanode -> XML
Date Sun, 11 Mar 2007 01:11:40 GMT
For the mail list archives, here are some approaches suggested (thank  
you!) that we will be investigating further:

* Connect Cayenne to an XML database source [1] and using a Cayenne  
script called cdataport move data [2] between the main SQL database  
and the XML 'database'. Looks like we'd need to write a Cayenne db  
adapter to do this. Pretty neat though and other options such as  
Excel files might also be options.

* Write some code using Cayenne's XML import/export features [3].  
Lots of control over the output. But a bit more work upfront.

* xstream is a project designed to move java objects to XML and back  
[4]. Very simple and it produces nice looking XML. Plenty of nice  
features like being able to write Converters which understand how to  
deal with specific field types. Somewhat similar is Apache Xmlbeans. [5]

* dbunit [6] This is a toolset specifically designed for testing -  
taking a JDBC data source, moving it into XML and then being able to  
restore it on demand. Then it can tie into junit to allow tests to be  
performed on the system with the database in a known state, checking  
to the see if the final state of the database is as expected. Pretty  
nice idea. This is the one option which would effectively bypass  
Cayenne and make direct JDBC connections of its own.

Thanks for everyone's suggestions.

Ari Maniatis


Aristedes Maniatis
phone +61 2 9660 9700
PGP fingerprint 08 57 20 4B 80 69 59 E2  A9 BF 2D 48 C2 20 0C C8

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