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From Manuel Thiemann <>
Subject Re: "PK Generation Strategy: Database-Generated" doesn't work
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2007 12:18:10 GMT
Hi Andreas,

thank you very much for your quick reply.

I want to apologize for for sending this question twice. After receiving 
a request to confirm my subscription to the mailing list today I assumed 
that the mail I sent yesterday were rejected because the subscription 
was not yet activated and I didn't get any confirmation until short 
after I sent it a second time. I'm sorry for that.


Andrus Adamchik wrote:
> Hi Manuel,
> Per DB-generated pk 
> depends on support of this feature by the underlying JDBC driver. Our 
> testing showed that it only works in MySQL, Derby and SQLServer. For 
> HSQLDB this feature is turned off (I just tried it on HSQL - the 
> driver support isn't there), so Cayenne behavior is to fail over to the 
> AUTO_PK_SUPPORT lookup table.
> As auto-increment feature makes it to other JDBC drivers (including 
> HSQL), we'll turn it on in Cayenne accordingly.
> Andrus
> On Mar 1, 2007, at 11:53 AM, Manuel Thiemann wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I just started playing a bit with Cayenne to find out how things work. 
>> Therefore I created a database (HSQL) with a single table and in the 
>> CayenneModeler set "Primary Key Generation Strategy" to 
>> "Database-Generated" and the "Auto Increment" field to "ID (INTEGER)" 
>> which is the column defined as Primary Key at the attributes tab. 
>> However when I try to insert a row in my test program I get an 
>> exception because I don't have an AUTO_PK_SUPPORT table in my 
>> database. But as far as I understand I don't not need this table if 
>> primary keys are generated by the database itself. Is there something 
>> else I have to configure to not need to have that table (It works fine 
>> if I create that table via "Generate Database Schema" but I would 
>> prefer to have the database doing that primary key stuff. Or is there 
>> any reason that it is better to use AUTO_PK_SUPPORT)?
>> Thanx for help.
>> Manuel

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