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From Dov Rosenberg <>
Subject Re: Cayenne vs JPA tools
Date Mon, 26 Feb 2007 15:45:14 GMT
Is there a build available that supports any of the JPA functionality yet?
What is the projected timeframe when something will be available?

I saw a reference on the web site that talks about JPA. We are targeting a
release of our code around June - is there a release candidate we can start
using now to continue our development?

Thanks in advance

Dov Rosenberg

On 2/26/07 8:30 AM, "Andrus Adamchik" <> wrote:

> On Feb 25, 2007, at 5:53 PM, Dov Rosenberg wrote:
>> We are already going thru a lot of changes to migrate from EOF to
>> Cayenne -
>> I really don't want to have to radically rebuild our app again when
>> Cayenne
>> JPA rolls around.
> The plan is for Cayenne Classic and Cayenne JPA to coexist:
> * They are built on the common runtime, and any new features that are
> in the JPA spec, but not currently in Cayenne (e.g. Embeddables, or
> EJBQL) are being rolled into Cayenne Classic.
> * There are no plans to deprecate Cayenne Classic API
> * The plan is to allow current Cayenne Query API to be available
> behind the facade of the JPA named queries.
> * There is an interface that allows access to Cayenne stack internals
> through the JPA facade.
> So...
> If you want a 'portable' application to be able to switch providers,
> none of the above matters much (and of course importing anything from
> 'org.apache.cayenne' would be harmful if the portability is a goal),
> and you should take a dive and follow Mike's advice, switching
> everything to vanilla JPA code.
> If you decide to continue using Cayenne Classic API, you'll be able
> to do that for the foreseeable future. At the moment I don't see why
> we would force JPA migration on our users. We simply open this
> possibility for them.
> Andrus

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