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From "John" <>
Subject Re: Cayenne vs JPA tools
Date Sun, 25 Feb 2007 16:24:20 GMT
I am using Hibernate in the work, and I worked long time with EOF and some 
time with Cayenne.
You are right, Cayenne or EOF have the GUI Tool which helps much. On the 
other hand, There is for example an Eclipse plugin which creates the mapping 
files for Hibernate.

However, I think this is not the problem. I saw this problem also when i 
started working with hibernate. I was wondering and searching for the GUI 
appliction to build the mappinf files for Hibernate.
In the real life this is a minor Problem.

Check which tool is the best for your application and which features you 
need. Of course you cant forget also the advantage of using Cayenne, that it 
is very very simialr to EOF. And if you know EOF, you need couple of days to 
use it. With Hibernate you will need more than couple of weeks to understand 
what the hill this tool does :) (In good way of course)

Hope this helps you.


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From: "Dov Rosenberg" <>
To: <>
Sent: Sunday, February 25, 2007 4:53 PM
Subject: Re: Cayenne vs JPA tools

>I have taken a look at Hibernate a bit this weekend which claims to be JPA
> compliant. I haven't looked at the JPA APIs in much detail yet, but what 
> is
> your gut feeling on the migration path between Cayenne 2.x and Cayenne 
> JPA?
> We are already going thru a lot of changes to migrate from EOF to 
> Cayenne -
> I really don't want to have to radically rebuild our app again when 
> Cayenne
> JPA rolls around.
> BTW - I don't really care for the manual building of Hibernate mapping
> files. It seems like a step backward from Cayenne.
> I haven't gone into depth yet on Hibernate - it seems capable but I think
> people who have never used tools like EOF or Cayenne really don't 
> appreciate
> their sophistication and design.
> Are there any comparisons between current versions of Hibernate and 
> Cayenne?
> Thanks in advance
> Dov Rosenberg
> On 2/25/07 9:49 AM, "Andrus Adamchik" <> wrote:
>> Yep - JPA work progressed greatly. Cayenne 3.0 version can be viewed
>> as "Cayenne Classic" and "Cayenne JPA" working in the same runtime.
>> My opinion is that standard JPA API hides too much stuff under the
>> hood, so a real application will end up using provider specific
>> features in some form anyways. In any event, in Cayenne we will
>> support both with some migration capability.
>> Andrus
>> On Feb 23, 2007, at 10:45 PM, Michael Gentry wrote:
>>> Well, Andrus is hard at work on making Cayenne 3.0 JPA-compliant, so
>>> perhaps you'd still be happy staying with Cayenne?
>>> /dev/mrg
>>> On 2/23/07, Dov Rosenberg <> wrote:
>>>> We are in the process of considering a migration away from our
>>>> current EOF
>>>> based application. We have used Cayenne and found it to be pretty
>>>> nice. Now
>>>> that JPA is starting to gain some traction should we reconsider
>>>> our decision
>>>> for Cayenne and aim instead of a JPA compatible framework?
>>>> Thanks in advance for any feedback you can provide
>>>> --
>>>> Dov Rosenberg
>>>> Inquira
>>>> Knowledge Management Experts

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