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From "Michael Gentry" <>
Subject Re: Re: [OT] Visual Paradigm
Date Sat, 18 Nov 2006 01:42:54 GMT
I wasn't trying to disparage the graphical tools.  They certainly have
value.  For the schema I work on, though, you'd need 2 30" monitors
(and I only have a 17") to hold just a fraction of the schema in a
graphical representation, so it doesn't work too well for me.  Even
when printed out from within another tool using large plotter paper,
it is hard to find things (I don't grep on paper very well).  Speaking
of grep, I wonder if I ever opened that ticket to add a find function
in the me that would be useful (and much easier to add).



On 11/17/06, Tomi NA <> wrote:
> 2006/11/17, Michael Gentry <>:
> > are other tools to do that if you want it (I hardly ever work in that
> > mode -- I write code, not look at pictures).  Perhaps someone who
> > knows more can comment more constructively.  :-)
> While we're off topic, I'd just like to contribute that as much as I
> appreciate the fact that there are people who are satisfied with a DDL
> view of a database, there is also the other group who addmit that
> pictures sometimes speak a thousand words. :)
> I'd be thrilled to have a good diagram editor (the one in MS
> Enterprise Manager is a great example, although somewhat buggy) at my
> disposal when I'm modelling either the database or the classes
> representing it. I understand, however, the size of the task and so
> settle with scraping by using the clay plugin for eclipse.
> t.n.a.

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