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From Matt Kerr <>
Subject Re: can't modify relationships in validateForUpdate()?
Date Mon, 27 Nov 2006 19:11:55 GMT
trying to recall ..   so, i would double check this, but --

> Perhaps this is because of my WO/EOF background, but I had always
> assumed that modifying anything in the validate* methods would be a
> Bad Thing and never tried doing it.

is this because WO/EOF specifically guides you *not* to put any side- 
effect code into the validate* methods.

but i want to say this was ok .. since there were other delegate  
methods to tidy up before validateFor* was invoked ..

(now - if i could just remember which one .. hmm.  is that right?)

> I can't say I ever read it in regards to Cayenne, but it feels like  
> the right thing to me.
> Not sure why it changed in behavior, though.

in cayenne -- there is no equivalent delegate .. and i believe the  
right/best way to handle this situation is to implement the side- 
effects in validateFor*().


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