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From Aristedes Maniatis <>
Subject Re: Cayenne web site design
Date Mon, 02 Oct 2006 02:14:44 GMT

On 02/10/2006, at 10:43 AM, Kevin Menard wrote:

> Hi Ari,
> Apologies for not replying earlier.  All in all, this is a much  
> improved version.  I'm glad to see the varied feedback  
> incorporated.  As usual though, I have some things to note:

Of course, feedback is very helpful.

> o "How Can I Help" should have a question mark to be consistent  
> with "Why Cayenne?"


> o We should probably have the 1.1 documentation on the site.  This  
> could be marked as a legacy release.  1.2 is still fairly young,  
> however, so we should make it easy for those still using 1.1 to get  
> appropriate support.

Hands up anyone using 1.1... thought so... :-)

If people want 1.1, it is trivial to add one more line.

> o In thinking about it more, it may make more sense to invert the  
> version order for the documentation.  Right now, the development  
> version is the first accessible one, although we should be  
> promoting the stable release for general use.

I think the 'stable' wording makes that clear. Fact is that right now  
in Cayenne development, most people should be looking at 3.0 to  
understand what is going on. Later as the project development slows  
down and more people are just using it without getting involved in  
the project, I'd agree that development type things could become much  
less prominent. But I think we should make a big deal of the new 3.0  
docs for instance - lots of interesting information there.

I think they should be in order, either small to big or big to small,  
but I don't think it matters much either way.

> o "Getting started" is the only label that doesn't use  
> capitalization across all words.


> o I'm thinking it may be worthwhile to have a whole section  
> dedicated to support.  This would have links to FAQs, commercial  
> support, mailing lists, and what not.

There is a very fine line between support and documentation then. I'd  
not want to start mixing the two up. FAQ is documentation, but also  

I think it is impossible to get three people to agree on the best  
classification system. However, as long as we have a system that  
makes sense and once you've read the navigation once or twice you  
instinctively can find things, then it will work OK.

Really, right now we have exactly one item that belongs in 'support'  
and nowhere else. We could pinch mailing lists and put them there  
too, so we will have two items, but only by removing mailing lists  
from collaboration where they belong.

> o "Contributors" seems like an informative topic and may be better  
> placed under "About" rather than "Collaboration."

Yet, by that criterion everything is 'about' Cayenne. I wanted to  
unclutter the About section as much as possible since that is where  
people start. Contributors (while crucial to the project) are of  
secondary consideration to a new visitor.

> o I still have mixed feelings on the main content.  It's definitely  
> improved, but for logical flow, it would seem to me that the  
> modeler would be better placed right after the description of what  
> Cayenne.  Basically you'd go from what we are to what we can  
> offer.  Throwing news in the middle breaks that flow and makes the  
> modeler section seem like it's floating in no man's land.  On the  
> other hand, pushing news to the bottom obviously makes it harder to  
> view.
> Good work though.  I hope my observations can be of use.

I hear what you are saying, but I can't see that either of your  
proposals is better. I don't want news to disappear down the bottom,  
but I think the site needs to start with the 'what is cayenne'  

I really don't think it is so bad as is, you'll get used to it.... :-)

Maybe when the Apache incubator thing goes away, then the modeler can  
have its own coloured block to anchor it to the bottom of the page.

Ari Maniatis

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