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From "Mike Kienenberger" <>
Subject Re: Transition from EOF to Cayenne
Date Tue, 31 Oct 2006 17:39:19 GMT
On 10/30/06, Dov Rosenberg <> wrote:
> We are looking to consolidate our code bases between our Cayenne based web
> services and our WebObjects/EOF based applications. Has anyone written any
> transition classes or notes of things that they did to help the code
> porting? We have 2 separate models but we need to deal with NSArrays,
> NSData, DisplayGroups, etc. We use Eclipse so making mass changes isn¹t too
> scary. Any thoughts or guidelines would be very helpful. We are not ready to
> replace our WebObjects components yet ­ that is another project.

It was mostly just a find-and-replace session when I did it four?
years ago.   I converted everything, though -- I didn't convert only
the EOF part.

For the EOF part, it was an easy transition.   Load the model into the
Cayenne model and save it out again.  For java, change the class and
method names names and delete the .lock() statements :-)

The biggest pain was switching between NSDictionary and Map:  the
arguments are reversed for the put()  method.

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