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From Jeff de Vries <>
Subject Re: How to use TransactionDelegate to do audit logging?
Date Tue, 03 Oct 2006 02:31:12 GMT
Yes, that looks very much like what I need.  One problem:  The section 
labeled "Enabling Callbacks" says "TODO"!

How do you set them up?


Aristedes Maniatis wrote:
> On 9/30/06, Jeff de Vries <> wrote:
>>> What I'm *really* trying to do is that we have about 15-20 different
>>> types of alerts, and a bunch of rules that specify some additional
>>> processing that needs to take place when certain types of alerts are
>>> generated.  Rather than scatter the rules around the umpteen different
>>> places alerts are created, I thought I'd be "clever" and put all the
>>> rule processing stuff in one place, looking at the alerts as they get
>>> written out.  So, as a complete workaround, I could just go add the
>>> rules to the umpteen different places the alerts are getting generated.
>>> Or, if there was a convenient place to hook some "aspect-oriented"
>>> programming stuff (which is what I guess I'm doing), like a
>>> Alert.onSave(), that would work too.
> Actually support to do exactly this is now built into Cayenne 3.0 and 
> we are using it in production. It was added only in the last 
> fortnight, but is working really well.
> I think it will do exactly what you need.
> As for auditing, I wonder whether this callback work now makes the 
> auditing approach redundant? It appears that the callbacks are a more 
> general implementation of what Mike has done and might be able to be 
> used for his auditing requirements.
> Ari Maniatis
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