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Subject DataContext#createDataContext becomes slower
Date Mon, 16 Oct 2006 17:03:59 GMT

I have used Cayenne-1.1.4 and I tried 1.2.1. 
I found 1.2.1's DataContext#createDataContext is much slower than 1.1.4's.

The benchmark is:

public void testLoop() {
    for (int i = 0; i < 100; i ++) {
        long before = System.currentTimeMillis();
        for (int ii = 0; ii < 100; ii ++) {
        System.out.println("iter:" + i + " time:" + (System.currentTimeMillis() - before));

1.1.4's result:

iter:0 time:160
iter:1 time:80
iter:2 time:60
iter:3 time:60
iter:4 time:130
iter:5 time:50
iter:6 time:50
iter:7 time:70
iter:8 time:61
iter:9 time:150
iter:10 time:80
iter:11 time:60
iter:12 time:80
iter:13 time:70
iter:14 time:190
iter:15 time:61
iter:16 time:60
iter:17 time:60
iter:18 time:70
iter:19 time:170
iter:20 time:60
iter:21 time:100
iter:22 time:80
iter:23 time:161
iter:24 time:80
iter:25 time:90
iter:26 time:80
iter:27 time:100
iter:28 time:200
iter:29 time:81
iter:30 time:80
iter:31 time:110
iter:32 time:80
iter:33 time:230
iter:34 time:211
iter:35 time:100
iter:36 time:100
iter:37 time:110
iter:38 time:140
iter:39 time:211
iter:40 time:110
iter:41 time:110
iter:42 time:120
iter:43 time:130
iter:44 time:221
iter:45 time:140
iter:46 time:120
iter:47 time:150
iter:48 time:140
iter:49 time:251
iter:50 time:150
iter:51 time:160
iter:52 time:150
iter:53 time:161
iter:54 time:170
iter:55 time:270
iter:56 time:211
iter:57 time:180
iter:58 time:190
iter:59 time:200
iter:60 time:181
iter:61 time:320
iter:62 time:220
iter:63 time:221
iter:64 time:230
iter:65 time:260
iter:66 time:331
iter:67 time:240
iter:68 time:251
iter:69 time:250
iter:70 time:260
iter:71 time:241
iter:72 time:360
iter:73 time:261
iter:74 time:260
iter:75 time:260
iter:76 time:231
iter:77 time:260
iter:78 time:250
iter:79 time:331
iter:80 time:270
iter:81 time:251
iter:82 time:250
iter:83 time:260
iter:84 time:271
iter:85 time:380
iter:86 time:271
iter:87 time:290
iter:88 time:290
iter:89 time:281
iter:90 time:300
iter:91 time:411
iter:92 time:310
iter:93 time:291
iter:94 time:340
iter:95 time:301
iter:96 time:320
iter:97 time:431
iter:98 time:320
iter:99 time:321

1.2.1's result:

iter:0 time:90
iter:1 time:60
iter:2 time:80
iter:3 time:100
iter:4 time:90
iter:5 time:90
iter:6 time:91
iter:7 time:110
iter:8 time:100
iter:9 time:120
iter:10 time:130
iter:11 time:140
iter:12 time:141
iter:13 time:180
iter:14 time:210
iter:15 time:301
iter:16 time:170
iter:17 time:210
iter:18 time:220
iter:19 time:231
iter:20 time:240
iter:21 time:240
iter:22 time:290
iter:23 time:280
iter:24 time:331
iter:25 time:360
iter:26 time:351
iter:27 time:370
iter:28 time:421
iter:29 time:411
iter:30 time:450
iter:31 time:451
iter:32 time:501
iter:33 time:610
iter:34 time:521
iter:35 time:541
iter:36 time:561
iter:37 time:551
iter:38 time:701
iter:39 time:590
iter:40 time:591
iter:41 time:611
iter:42 time:641
iter:43 time:651
iter:44 time:671
iter:45 time:691
iter:46 time:651
iter:47 time:701
iter:48 time:691
iter:49 time:871
iter:50 time:741
iter:51 time:751
iter:52 time:781
iter:53 time:812
iter:54 time:801
iter:55 time:811
iter:56 time:831
iter:57 time:851
iter:58 time:852
iter:59 time:1001
iter:60 time:881
iter:61 time:942
iter:62 time:941
iter:63 time:951
iter:64 time:962
iter:65 time:1111
iter:66 time:1012
iter:67 time:1252
iter:68 time:1021
iter:69 time:1032
iter:70 time:1041
iter:71 time:1072
iter:72 time:1041
iter:73 time:1072
iter:74 time:1091
iter:75 time:1092
iter:76 time:1141
iter:77 time:1112
iter:78 time:1162
iter:79 time:1171
iter:80 time:1162
iter:81 time:1172
iter:82 time:1181
iter:83 time:1212
iter:84 time:1232
iter:85 time:1222
iter:86 time:1231
iter:87 time:1212
iter:88 time:1292
iter:89 time:1272
iter:90 time:1272
iter:91 time:1282
iter:92 time:1281
iter:93 time:1312
iter:94 time:1372
iter:95 time:1322
iter:96 time:1362
iter:97 time:1372
iter:98 time:1402
iter:99 time:1402

In 1.1.4, DataContext#createDataContext was enough fast after 10000 times iteration
so I didn't find performance sink after iteration.

The performance behavior is by design? Or do I forget something to close?
Should I use some object pooling for DataContext?

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