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From Ahmed Mohombe <>
Subject Re: Cayenne web site
Date Wed, 20 Sep 2006 12:17:54 GMT
>> If I would have to vote I would say to keep the original look.
> That's it? You have nothing at all constructive to say? You have no 
> ideas on how to improve the site?
IMHO the actual site is pretty good. There are many other areas regarding
Cayenne that need improvement.

> Do you know the difference between css and table based html design?
I hope so.

> How 
> about concept of usability and access for visually disabled users?
It's just a concept. Won't be soon reality.

The Cayenne reality is different: look at the download statistics (and than look
at those from Hibernate). They won't change with pink colors, but with:
- articles: regularly published (on TSS, infoq, javalobby, etc.) so that developers don't
forget it.
- better and easy to use API
- better performance
- improved productivity (especially the Cayenne Modeler could be greatly improved)
- etc.
But NOT by changing the colors.

> You 
> don't want to try and brand the whole wiki with the same look?
No. As long as the look is OK (it's not tiering the eyes) the content is much more important
developers. We are talking about a software project here, not gadgets or some fashion clothes.

There are still many things that can be improved or covered in the documentation
but not it's look.

> I was hoping for some feedback from people in the following vein:
> * changes to the navigation structure (eg I like the "why cayenne?" idea 
> since many people will see the project without really understanding what 
> it does to help them. I feel that way every time I read the Maven web 
> site.) 
The actual site is not maven generated and it's OK IMHO. I hope this won't
change with the migration to maven.

> Borut had the interesting idea of a road map. Is that doable?
The WIKI already contains a roadmap page. A direct link to it doesn't need
a total redesign of the site, does it?

> * colour schemes (by keeping the design very light we hoped to fit in 
> with the general Apache look and approachable 
"Resistance is futile"? or what?
I had no idea that Apache imposes a common look now (like it was in
the communist countries) :).

> - ORM is scary enough as 
> is and a friendly site helps). 
I see :). "The big bad ORM is gonna eat you" :).

> I am also thinking that since this is a 
> simple CSS change, this could alter with each major release.
So there nothing better to do just change the colors with every occasion?
Somehow this sounds more like my wife, not like an IT project :).

> * concept of news on the front page (can we keep this updated with a new 
> item at least once a month?)
There are news on the front page already and they are OK.

> * anything else?
yes. Improving things that bring new users or help actual users to be
more productive makes more sense to me.

just my 2 cents,


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