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From Perez <>
Subject Re: supported DB section
Date Sat, 09 Sep 2006 19:32:55 GMT
In article 
 "Mike Kienenberger" <> wrote:

> On 9/9/06, Borut Bolčina <> wrote:
> > > > * -1 on the supported DB section - maybe replace it with a quick
> > > > summary of features, with a link to a "feature overview" page.
> > >
> > > I agree. The modeler is a great feature, but the supported DB makes
> > > Cayenne seem subordinate to the DB. I'd think that many people would
> > > choose their ORM before they choose their DB. (well, we did).
> >
> > I worked with WebObjects and EOF in the past and consider myself lucky to
> > know the technologies, but in real world databases rule not the persistent
> > frameworks and that is a fact we must face. I don't hate the SQL, but will
> > seize every opportunity not to use it, if I can use some persistence
> > framework. I think the majority of Java enterprise developers are somehow
> > preconditioned with legacy systems which include all sorts of databases.
> > Having a free mind in choosing every bit of technology is a rare luxury. I
> > would add an explanation text next to a list of supported databases. This
> > list can be a powerful factor for db oriented group of developers which are
> > presented with persistence framework.
> I am also -1 on the supported db section.   I think it makes Cayenne
> look more limited than it is.   Cayenne "supports" a generic JDBC
> driver.    It supports certain databases better, but it supports all
> of them as far as I've determined.   It's relatively trivial to add
> support for a new database.

I would say to the use  marketing approach:

We support any database with a Java JDBC driver implementing 
JSR-123737349, and JPA etc, etc.

Enhanced support for the following databases enable whizzy new features 
X, Y, and Z.


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