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From Andrus Adamchik <>
Subject Site redesign (sans technical issues)
Date Sat, 09 Sep 2006 10:41:48 GMT
Borut and Ari,

Thanks a lot for offering help with site design! I also appreciate  
the focus on usability. I'll comment about navigation in a separate  
message, here is general comments on the design.

* I like the idea of having disjoint content modules
* I do not like the look of the preview (I understand this was just  
to demonstrate the idea). We may need to come up with alternative skins.
* Officially we are called "Apache Cayenne", even though we are still  
in the incubator. While we are at it, we may update the logo with the  
word "Apache".
* In the header we may need to incorporate the incubator logo (to be  
replaced with Apache official logo on graduation).
* All documentation (probably 70% of the entire site) is served via  
Wiki. So it would be nice to come up with a common look between the  
site and Confluence. Just to give a feel of what's involved, here is  
a Velocity template used by Confluence auto-export plugin to render  
static HTML contents:

* It would be nice to display at least the titles of the latest news  
items on the front page.


On Sep 9, 2006, at 1:41 PM, Aristedes Maniatis wrote:
> On 09/09/2006, at 4:27 AM, Borut BolĨina wrote:
>> Hello,
>> have a look at
>> Most work is to be invested in documentation section. Properly  
>> divided
>> sections, PDF versions, ...
>> Also the right side is empty.
>> Suggestions welcome.
> I think this is an improvement on the current site, but we could do  
> better in some ways:
> * the design should be css based, not a table based design. This  
> will make it much easier to reskin and update in the future. It  
> also makes it easier to add content over time. A css based design  
> is better for accessibility reasons and better for printing.
> * it shouldn't be done in Dreamweaver which leaves lots of ugly  
> javascript behind
> * I don't like navigation which runs in several directions on the  
> site. Here we have primary navigation running across from the top  
> left, which is limiting in its ability to expand to add new items.  
> Then navigation at the top right which also runs across, but to the  
> left, and finally navigation on the right which runs vertically.  
> The problems I have are:
>  - why are there three sets of navigation?
>  - what happens as we want to add navigation to levels 2 and 3 and  
> they collide in the middle on small screens?
>  - what happens on small screens when you can't see the navigation  
> to the right?
> I'd like to work with Borut and the advances he has made, and  
> furthermore to sponsor our graphic designer to work on the design  
> with us and the community. His work can be seen here: http:// 
> Cheers
> Ari Maniatis
> -------------------------->
> ish
> Level 1, 30 Wilson Street Newtown 2042 Australia
> phone +61 2 9550 5001   fax +61 2 9550 4001
> GPG fingerprint CBFB 84B4 738D 4E87 5E5C  5EFA EF6A 7D2E 3E49 102A

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