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From Aristedes Maniatis <>
Subject Re: Cayenne web site
Date Wed, 20 Sep 2006 10:43:43 GMT

On 20/09/2006, at 7:41 PM, Ahmed Mohombe wrote:

>> And of course it looks nice :-)
> IMHO not :).
>> Comments please.
> IMHO the other proposal ( looks a  
> little better,
> and even the original design is not bad at all :).
> If I would have to vote I would say to keep the original look.
> Ahmed.

That's it? You have nothing at all constructive to say? You have no  
ideas on how to improve the site?

Do you know the difference between css and table based html design?  
How about concept of usability and access for visually disabled  
users? You don't want to try and brand the whole wiki with the same  

I was hoping for some feedback from people in the following vein:

* changes to the navigation structure (eg I like the "why cayenne?"  
idea since many people will see the project without really  
understanding what it does to help them. I feel that way every time I  
read the Maven web site.) Borut had the interesting idea of a road  
map. Is that doable?

* design ideas (note that there are very few images in the html,  
meaning that everything is changeable through modifications to just  
the css).

* colour schemes (by keeping the design very light we hoped to fit in  
with the general Apache look and approachable - ORM is scary enough  
as is and a friendly site helps). I am also thinking that since this  
is a simple CSS change, this could alter with each major release.

* concept of news on the front page (can we keep this updated with a  
new item at least once a month?)

* anything else?

Ari Maniatis

Level 1, 30 Wilson Street Newtown 2042 Australia
phone +61 2 9550 5001   fax +61 2 9550 4001
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