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From Andrus Adamchik <>
Subject Re: Default/Initial values && post validation delegates etc
Date Thu, 07 Sep 2006 06:22:00 GMT

On Sep 7, 2006, at 7:27 AM, Lachlan Deck wrote:

> On 06/09/2006, at 5:46 PM, Andrus Adamchik wrote:
>> Custom values set on the server during commit are not passed back  
>> to the client (except for the PK). It would be nice if they where,  
>> so that's something we may consider doing in 3.0.
> Yes please.
> But we're not talking about commit are we? I was talking about  
> init... what happens when creating a new object on the client? Do  
> any initial values set on the server get propagated back?

Yes, I am talking commit, since commit is the first time when a new  
object created on the client is sent to the server. Until then it  
sits on the client and server has no chance of participating in its  

What happens on commit is this:

* Client transfers the information about an object as a bunch of  
* Server instantiates a server-side object from those diffs.
* Server commits its DataContext.

>>> 2) Object modifications
>>> DataContext has event subjects DID_COMMIT, DID_ROLLBACK,  
>>> WILL_COMMIT subjects. Great. Where might I find what objects are  
>>> available via these notifications?
>>> EOF's delegate has editingContextWillSaveChanges 
>>> (EOEditingContext) where if you throw an exception it will abort  
>>> the save for the context. How might a listener of the WILL_COMMIT  
>>> changes event achieve this? Note: this is not a question about  
>>> validateForSave.
>> DataContextTransactionEventListener and  
>> DataObjectTransactionEventListener are the listener interfaces for  
>> those events. They can abort the commit. Not sure in what form  
>> those will be preserved in 3.0 yet. Also these events are only  
>> available on the server.
> How might they abort the commit? By simply throwing an exception?

Yes, since event dispatch is done synchronously in the same thread.  
Still like I said, since we want to consolidate events at the  
DataChannel level, you should expect some changes (deprecation and/or  
removal) of these listeners. You'll have to switch to  
DataChannelListener (once an extra subject that I mentioned becomes  


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