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From Aristedes Maniatis <>
Subject Re: Cayenne web site
Date Wed, 20 Sep 2006 23:27:10 GMT

On 20/09/2006, at 10:12 PM, Kevin Menard wrote:

> o Fonts are way too small.  I realize the size is relative to the  
> user's browser settings, but they shouldn't be set to "small" for  
> normal reading.

This is a hard one. On my browser (Firefox 1.5 on OSX) they are on  
the large size. What browser are you using? Can you email me a screen  
shot privately?

> o I think the term "Bug Tracker" is a bit too limiting.  It is used  
> to track new features as well, so I think the wording on the  
> current Cayenne site is more appropriate.

I wanted to change it only because it looked like a link which listed  
the features of Cayenne. How about "issue tracker"?

> o It's not clear to me why the Javadoc links are ordered the way  
> that they are.

Just a bit of madness. That will be tidied up.

> o It could just be me, but info for most developers' needs are  
> split across the three sections (download, docs, mailing lists/ 
> bugs).  While the current organization makes sense to a certain  
> degree, it may be worthwhile to consolidate the most often accessed  
> information.

One of my goals was to put the more introductory items in the top  
'about' section. I agree that 'download' doesn't belong there, but it  
really doesn't belong in any of the sections as I have them. Perhaps  
download deserves its own orange bar?

However, I think that a newcomer should be able to read 'about' in a  
roughly sequential order: 'why Cayenne', 'features', 'success  
stories', and then onto the docs.

I agree that developers' need are split across three sections, but  
that was the goal. Grouping everything you want to see under one  
section doesn't make them easier to find. Kind of like having a CD  
with only one track. Everything you want is on track one :-)

> o The fixed-width menu bar makes the page difficult to read if the  
> browser is resized for a "page reading" mode.

Not sure what you mean there. Can you elaborate?

> o Copyright should be ASF.

Yes. We'll fix.

> o Move the ASF incubation note away from the top.  It shouldn't be  
> the first thing people read because they may not know what Cayenne  
> or the DB PMC are yet.  Furthermore, the note does make it sound as  
> if the project is immature, regardless of what the last sentence  
> says.  I realize we have this on the current Web site and I'm not a  
> big fan of it.  A lot of people won't care it's an incubator  
> project, and those that do can seek out the info in a different  
> spot (I would hope the big logo at the topic would be a large  
> indicator as well).

I hate the egg as well. I was just saying that it looked like it was  
designed by a programmer.

On the plus side, it acts as a place holder for where we will  
eventually put the feather which is much nicer.
Maybe we can make the Incubator disclaimer block slightly smaller  
font size or drop it to the bottom of the page...

> o Misc. edits in grammar.

Definitely. In fact I think the next step is to tidy up the text  
altogether. Phrases like "Cayenne allows to reduce the development  
time" are just slightly clunky.

I'll have a go at that next and report back to this list. I think the  
overall thrust is great, just a little polishing of the copy is in  

> o Main page layout is a bit confusing.  Is the Modeler part of  
> News?  Why is the Modeler where it is?

The idea was to promote the news so that it could be seen without  
scrolling (particularly when we can get rid of the disclaimer). But  
the modeler is pretty nice in my opinion since:

* it has a nice screen shot
* the screen shot does more to explain what Cayenne is than two  
paragraphs of text

I liked that from Borut's ideas: promote the modeler to the front  
page because it helps explain what Cayenne is about.

But we didn't want the modeler to trump the introductory blurb, nor  
the news.

> Anyway, it's a good first pass.  I think a little more focus on  
> readability and logical organization will greatly enhance the page.

Absolutely. Let's keep doing that until we are mostly in agreement.

Ari Maniatis

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phone +61 2 9550 5001   fax +61 2 9550 4001
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