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From Tore Halset <>
Subject Re: MS SQL Server Unicode Support
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2006 21:20:30 GMT

We are using MS SQL Server with cayenne. nvarchar works with the old  
(have not tried latest as we moved to jtds) ms jdbc driver and jtds  
without problems. Perhaps the prepared statement handles it  
automatically as cayenne creates prepared statements?

  - Tore.

On Sep 19, 2006, at 23:12, Dov Rosenberg wrote:

> We are using Cayenne for some web services alongside our EOF based
> application. Our application supports unicode formatted characters  
> in the
> database but in order to support it properly using MS SQL Server  
> apparently
> we need to change our data types from char, varchar, text to nchar,
> nvarcahr, ntext. This is no big deal. However in order to properly  
> store the
> data into those fields and to be able to query against them we need to
> preface all of the strings with a N – this signals MSSQL Server to  
> use the
> Unicode encoding for that column. For example say we have a table:
>     RECORDID    NVARCHAR(64)        NOT NULL ,
>     XML         NTEXT               NULL ,
> );
> In order to insert unicode characters into that table I need to  
> generate a
> SQL statement like:
> N’<MYXML>....</MYXML>’);
> Notice the N in front of the strings I am inserting. In order to  
> query on
> this table properly I need to add the N in front of the WHERE  
> clause pieces
> such as:
> SELECT * from CONTENTDATA where xml like N’<MYXML>%’;
> I only need to put the N when the data contains unicode characters  
> – but I
> really won’t know that so I probably need to do it all of the time.
> I am looking for the correct place in both cayenne and EOF to add  
> the N’ to
> the queries (INSERTs, and WHERE clauses). Any help or suggestions  
> would be
> HIGHLY appreciated.
> BTW – it seems that Oracle can at least tolerate this unusual SQL  
> format.
> MSFT says that it is SQL 92 compliant but I haven’t found anything
> documenting it yet.
> -- 
> Dov Rosenberg
> Conviveon/Inquira
> Knowledge Management Experts

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