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From "Kevin Menard" <>
Subject Re: modeler, RC1 - misc. feedback
Date Sat, 03 Jun 2006 21:29:59 GMT

Please feel free to file any usability issues you have in JIRA.  As you  
can imagine, most of these things are hard to unit test and thus easy to  
slip under the radar, so to speak.  It's really not too late.  There is a  
reason that this was an RC and not the final release.


On Sat, 03 Jun 2006 16:02:19 -0400, Tomi NA <> wrote:

> I ran into a number of issues with RC1 (some in comparison to beta 2,
> others pervasive in 1.2x) so here goes (in no particular order)...
> * previous code generation behaviour was:
> a) select a class->generate code-> result: only one class preselected
> in the code generation dialog
> b) select a map->generate code-> result: all classes are preselected
> in the code generation dialog
> Now, both scenarios work like B - why is that?
> * the modeler can't seem to remember the output directory for code
> generation, that is, it always appends "cayenne" to an otherwise valid
> (remembered) directory path
> * I had a lot of problems working with custom code generation
> templates: once modified, they generated completely invalid
> (super)classes, sometimes not parsed at all, other times with weird
> import statements
>      - the solution? used beta 2 with the same templates, worked like a  
> charm
> * the template properties dialog doesn't allow modification of
> existing templates
> * the template properties dialog doesn't remember the last directory
> from which the user loaded a template so the user has to navigate the
> whole path for every template version he uses if he defined a couple
> of templates in advance (as I did, for example)
> * the modeler would be *sooo* much more understandable alltogether if
> it had a tooltip (a sentence or two explaining what the user's looking
> at) attached to most components, so that users wouldn't have to wonder
> what e.g. "generation mode: Once per every Entity" means or have to
> look it up on the Internet.
> A couple of other examples where tooltips would help are "allow client
> entities", "[Entity object] Qualifier", "Import EOModel". I could name
> about several dozens more.
> To wash away the aftertaste left behind by such a list of rought
> edges, I can only say I look forward to developing cayenne-powered
> apps in the future as well as returning to work on my current
> cayenne-powered app, now that beta 2 came through where RC1 failed. :)
> t.n.a.

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