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From "Tomi NA" <>
Subject Re: Parent/Child Insert ordering (was: Caching problem?)
Date Sat, 20 May 2006 06:31:38 GMT
On 5/20/06, Jeff de Vries <> wrote:
> I don't know if it is related or not, but I've also had problems in the
> past when I try to create a new parent and several child objects related
> to that parent all at once and then try to commit.  The problem looks
> like Cayenne is INSERTing the child records into the database first,
> before the parent record, and the database complains that the children
> have an invalid foreign key (and, yes, I have the ON UPDATE and ON
> DELETE rules for the foreign key set to DO NOTHING and I still get the
> error from PostgreSQL).  To get around it I just committed the parent
> first, then committed all the children.

I had the same problem, IIRC: I was very surprised that cayenne
couldn't handle such a commit, although truth be told, I can't imagine
everything that's going on under the hood of the operation that would
make implementing this feature difficult.
I would certainly love to see this fixed (if at all possible) as I
wasn't to happy to have to commit in the middle of what had to be an
atomic transaction. It'd also make the framework a lot more flexible,
e.g. enabling the user to have long inter-commit sessions with complex
data updates, if the user so desires.


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