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From "Cris Daniluk" <>
Subject Re: dump cache contents
Date Wed, 10 May 2006 23:06:29 GMT
> The problem is that I can't reproduce an error in the controled
> environment in which I debug. This is why I need as much relevant
> information as possible. Still, I believe I've thought of a way to log
> everything I need.

Rather than log it, why not serialize it to disk? Then, you can build
a simple wrapper to read it... I do it all the time when I can't use a
debugger (though the remote debugging stuff in modern IDEs and app
servers works really really well)

> This doesn't make me stop wondering why in heavens name there isn't a
> general "turn off all cache and go to the DB for every bit of data"
> switch. Ah well...

Like I said, there is... it's what I described previously.


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