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From "Fredrik Liden" <>
Subject Querying join table
Date Wed, 03 May 2006 17:01:39 GMT
I'm trying to figure out two queries from the following structure.

SurveyID  (PK)

PersonID (PK,FK)
SurveyID (PK,FK)

PersonID (PK)

1. I have a join table PERSON_SURVEY with a composite key of PersonID
and SurveyID. How can I query for all the entries where PersonID =
'something'. Do I use an expression or a path? Since this is a composite
key and is part of the PK. In general, is it preferred to stay away from
composite keys in the join tables?

The second one is: Is there any way I can formulate a query that returns
all the entries in the PERSON table that are not mentioned in the
PERSON_SURVEY table for a specific survey. In other words, I'd like to
get a list of people that haven't been assigned anything yet. I'm having
complete brain freeze.

If anyone could spare some time to take a look that would be awesome.


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