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From "Gentry, Michael \(Contractor\)" <>
Subject RE: Query Examples Needed Expression.fromString() syntax?
Date Wed, 24 May 2006 17:51:13 GMT
I almost always use Expression.fromString().  Some quick examples:

Expression expression;
Map parameters;
SelectQuery query; // All based off of "Customer" ...


expression = Expression.fromString("lastName like $lastName%");
parameters.put("lastName", "Gentry");
query = new SelectQuery(Customer.class,


expression = Expression.fromString("firstName = $firstName and lastName
= $lastName");
parameters.put("firstName", "Michael");
parameters.put("lastName", "Gentry");


expression = Expression.fromString(" =
parameters.put("name", "Fireman's Helmet (red)");


Note that parameters are optional.  In the second example, if you had
left out the first name portion, Cayenne would automatically make the
query "lastName = $lastName" for you (great feature when working with
UI-based fields).

In the third example, Cayenne fully supports a dotted notation for
specifying relationships and will construct the joins for you.  So
Customer ->> Order ->> Line Items -> Item's name attribute.


PS. If your expression never changes, make it final for just a tad of a
speed boost.

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From: Eric Lazarus [] 
Sent: Wednesday, May 24, 2006 12:52 PM
To: cayenne user
Subject: Query Examples Needed Expression.fromString() syntax?

Would anyone reply with some nice examples of
SelectQuery beside the simple one here:

Expression e = 
                        new BigDecimal(100000.0))

I need to do things with ANDS and ORs and I'm not sure
how to use expression factory (or should I use
Expression.fromString() ?) to do it.

Right now my immediate need is to be able to construct
a query with an arbitary number of possible "and"
clauses depending on what the user types. 

Seems like fromString() is going to be easy and
powerful but I can't find an example of the syntax
using google.

Even just a few nice examples would be helpful. 

Can I look at the attributes of sub objects using this
syntax? How?



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