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From "Cyp her" <>
Subject cayenne get accessors
Date Tue, 04 Apr 2006 14:58:30 GMT

Does Cayenne force you to have *get* before your property name to create 
your get accessor e.g. getName().

I have a table like this


and the Modeler creates these accessors

public class _Person extends CayenneDataObject {

   public String getFirstName() ...
   public String getLastName() ...


Which is fine. I have read you can get custom templates to change this and I 
did try by grabbing the default templates from the jar and modifying them 
but this did not work. Does anybody know how?

My real problems start here however. In the subclass Person I have this code

public class Person extends _Person {

	public String fullName() {
		return this.getFirstName() + “ “ + this.getLastName();

and when I try and use and Expression to get a particular Person like this

Expression fullNameQualifier = ExpressionFactory.matchExp("fullName", “John 

List filteredPersons = fullNameQualifier.filterObjects(personsList);

The List is always empty even though I do have a person named John Doe in my 
database (MySQL). But oddly enough if I change my method in the Person class 
to be this

public class Person extends _Person {

	public String getFullName() {
		return this.getFirstName + “ “ + this.getLastName;

i.e. change the method name to be getFullName instead of just fullName.

Why must I prefix all my get accessors with *get*? I want to get rid of 
*get* in all the super classes too so does anyone have a template I can use 
to oust them?


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