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From Andrus Adamchik <>
Subject Re: Object migrates between DataDomains
Date Wed, 12 Apr 2006 10:22:06 GMT

On Apr 12, 2006, at 12:33 PM, wrote:

> For update:???
> ClassDescriptor descriptor =
> localContext.getEntityResolver().getClassDescriptor(obj.getClass 
> ().getSimpleName());
> System.err.println(new DeepMergeOperation(ctx).merge(obj,  
> descriptor));
> ctx.commitChanges();

Ok, so you have something akin to a replication mechanism. Let's try  
putting the new 1.2 DataChannel API to work. This is an unforeseen  
use of such API, but looks like it might work and actually allow you  
to synchronize all changes of the entire context at once (instead of  
object by object). I have no time right now to test a fully working  
example (and the API is new so there is no docs yet), but let me  
outline the possible approach.

* Get the latest Cayenne nightly build (it fixes some DataChannel  
event bugs).

* On commit DataContext (which is itself a DataChannel) broadcasts  
two GraphEvents - one that contains committed context changes and  
another one with generated PK (all changes are represented as  
GraphDiff instances). See 'DataContext.flushToParent(..)' for details  
on how the events are sent.

* You can register your own listener for the *source* DataContext  
(look at DataContext.setChannel(..) on how to register a listener)  
and apply the first group of changes to the *target* DataContext via  

GraphEvent e;

// first type of event
if(e.getSource() == sourceContext && e.getPostedBy() == sourceContext) {
    targetContext.onSync(sourceContext, e.getDiff(),  

* Applying PK changes is less trivial, as onSync won't work...  
Probably you'll have to repost this event on behalf of  
targetContext's channel so that target context catches it and updates  
itself accordingly.

// second type of event with PKs
else if(e.getSource() == sourceContext && e.getPostedBy() ==  
sourceContext.getChannel()) {


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