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From Craig Turner <>
Subject Re: Generating classes in 1.1
Date Tue, 28 Mar 2006 09:11:35 GMT

Craig Turner wrote:
> When I use cayenne modeler to try and create classes in Cayenne 1.1 I'm 
> getting an error similar to that which is reported at 
> although I don't get any output to my console.

This was incorrect. It's different to that bug. I've had another look 
and it occurrs under different circumstances. When I try to create the 
classes I get that error message "_HANDLE_CONTROL_RUNTIME_ERROR_MSG_" 
and no classes generated.

This error is not present in M11 but is affecting daily builds since the 
21 March (platform-ind) and M12 (plat-ind and mac tested). It may be 
related to something in ~/.cayenne - I found that M5 broke if there was 
still .cayenne data from M12 in there but worked when there wasn't.

I can't see any descriptions of bugs resembling this in the issue 
tracker at
Shall I create a Jira request for this? (and for future reference is it 
better to create a bug under those circumstances or ask on the list first?)

   - C

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