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From "Pirola Davide" <>
Subject RE: Hsqldb - Shutdown
Date Fri, 31 Mar 2006 13:18:41 GMT
Hi Enrico,
your suggest doesn't works :-(
The csv file associated to my tables don't change if i execute "CHECKPOINT DEFRAG"...only
with "SHUTDOWN COMPACT"... but after the db is no more accesible :-(


-----Original Message-----
From: Enrico Donelli []
Sent: giovedì 30 marzo 2006 11.07
Subject: Re: Hsqldb - Shutdown

Pirola Davide ha scritto:
> Hi,
> i'm using hsqldb with cayenne.
> I'm using Resin as servlet container, and also i have a connection pool under JNDI.
> I have some Text table associated to csv file. 
> After executing DELETE /INSERT / UPDATE statement, this files grow... for example when
a DELETE is executed, a blank line appear in the csv file.
> So, can happen that i have only 1 record in my table, but the file contains 100 rows!
> The only way that i have found for compact this files is to execute a "SHUTDOWN COMPACT"
(i execute it with a Cayenne SQLTemplate).
> This command, reduce the size of the file, but in the while, it "close" the session (HSQLDB),and
no other command can be execute on this connection, otherwise i receive this error: "Access
is denied :  Session is closed".
> I think that in this case, the connection must be closed fisically because probably when
cayenne close it, it returns available in the connection pool, but for HSQLDB is no more usable!
> So there is a way to tell to cayenne to "destroy" this connection?
> ... or anyone knows a "best bractise" for this kind of problem?
> Thanks
> Davide
I send a command CHECKPOINT DEFRAG

It should solve your problem. Let me know!



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