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From Andrus Adamchik <>
Subject [ANN] Cayenne 4.1.RC1 release
Date Thu, 10 Oct 2019 13:41:44 GMT
Glad to announce a release candidate of Cayenne 4.1. We are now out beta and on the fast track
to GA. Cayenne 4.1 is an exciting release with fast memory-efficient data objects and GUI-driven
"DB-first" modeling flow.  

The RC includes 27 resolved tasks, most of them bug fixes in the Modeler and other dev tools
(though a few minor ones in the framework). We encourage everyone to try the new release and
report any issues that you find. It is super stable by now, so you might as well consider
upgrading for real if you are still on 3.x or 4.0.x. The eventual GA release should be just
a drop-in replacement.



Full release notes:

Changes/New Features:
CAY-2592 Modeler: make all datamaps selected in global cgen tab
CAY-2593 Add tableTypes field to dbImport config in dataMap
CAY-2611 Exclude system catalogs and schemas when run dbImport without config

Bug Fixes:
CAY-2417 Modeler: wrong title in attribute context menu
CAY-2553 Wrong disjoint prefetch query qualifier
CAY-2565 Can't use new generated PK properties with dot() operator
CAY-2573 DI field injection is triggered when creating sql Driver
CAY-2580 Cgen: Can't use custom templates for client mode
CAY-2582 Double insert of manyToMany relationship mapped to Set
CAY-2584 Crypto: can't use ColumnSelect with encrypted columns
CAY-2586 Char can't be materialized to EnumType in some cases
CAY-2591 Modeler: project becomes dirty after click on dbImport or cgen tab
CAY-2594 DbImport: AutoAdapter resolving inside an import operation hangs up the op on Hana
CAY-2595 ObjAttributes are not sorted in alphabetical ordering on save
CAY-2596 DbImport xml config changes after dbImport plugin task execution
CAY-2600 Modeler DbImport: Can't retrieve schema for databases with no catalog support
CAY-2601 Modeler DbImport: result dialog issues
CAY-2603 NPE reloading project in the model
CAY-2605 Modeler: Unable to save - java.nio.file.InvalidPathException
CAY-2606 Can't resolve obj path with embeddable component
CAY-2608 Modeler: NPE when reverse engineering with an auto-adapter DataSource
CAY-2609 Modeler: can't close dbImport result dialog window
CAY-2614 Modeler: Connection test result window shown under other windows
CAY-2616 Modeler: Wrong handling of path with spaces
CAY-2618 Unstable property ordering in generated classes
CAY-2619 "to-dep PK" related dbimport delta confuses the Modeler
CAY-2624 SelectQuery "having" qualifier is not considered when calculating cache key

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