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From Nikita Timofeev <>
Subject DataDomainFlushAction redesign
Date Tue, 23 Apr 2019 07:16:06 GMT
Hi all,

For a long time I've worked on this task [1] and now I'm ready to
merge it [2]. As it's a pretty big change in a core part of Cayenne, I
wanted to notify about is as much as I can.

In short this is about mechanics that flushes changes from context to DB.
Currently it's a monolith and private so no extension is effectively
possible and it's hard to fix issues in it.

The idea in a new version is to use intermediate representation of DB
operations [3] and work with it, rather than generate queries directly
from object changes. This potentially allows to modify this new
pipeline endlessly. I.e. to modify sorting of operation without
changing anything else, to customize query generation or even use
custom queries. It even allows to use your own implementation of this

There are many new ideas I have where we can move from here. It
already fixes issue with flattened attributes update. But right now
this change should not break things. I really hope it won't break a
lot, but there are so many options and Cayenne test suite is not
perfect. So early adopters are welcome :)

Just in case I left the old implementation so you can just connect it via DI.

Best regards,
Nikita Timofeev

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