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From ""<>
Subject Modeler - GUI Testing
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2017 22:54:50 GMT
Hi Dev@Cayenne community.
During recent months after an intensive work with the modeler, I found a set of bugs related
to visualization, two of them have been already fixed (CAY-2379 [1] & CAY-2384 [2]) ,
currently I'm in the process for reporting and solving at least 3 new ones.

During the fixing I have implemented some GUI testing specific for the modeler, using assertj-swing
[3]. This has passed all validations for the building process, including Travis-CI by using
xvfb [4] for all the active profiles in master branch. Also it requires including the assertj-swing[5]
dependency in the parent-pom with test scope.

So, I wonder if including this new GUI testing feature would be aligned to apache cayenne
goals; I remember reading recently from Andrus his happiness posting about "Cayenne Core is
Dependency-Free" [6] as part of the version 4.X key improvements.

Although the implemented GUI testing does not add too much time to the building process, all
validations until now look stable, and by include this kind of testing we will be working
toward guaranty a better end-user experience, I would like to ask for your opinions before
keep working on that.




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