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From Aristedes Maniatis <>
Subject Re: Website FIles
Date Wed, 12 Jul 2017 07:38:16 GMT
On 7/12/17 4:54 PM, Andrus Adamchik wrote:
>> Can we keep moving forward with the general concept?
> Absolutely. I am actually meeting with the designer later today and was going to use
your prototype as the initial spec. I like the suggested structure with a bare minimum set
of top-level menus and a more detailed menu in the footer. Most people will indeed be interested
in download, docs or support.

Good. I think that's a very modern approach which I like. Use the footer for navigation, but
keep some important calls to action in the header area.

> On the home page I think we need to replace most of the text with a more visual representation
of what Cayenne is and why somebody would want to use it (Modeler, DB-first flow, transparent
transactions, ObjectContext, featured extensions such as commitlog and crypto). Also we were
thinking of creating a video tutorial for 4.0. This may also go on the home page.

These are good ideas. Let's talk about who the audience is. I think they are:

1. People who already know Hibernate. Or Rails or some other lesser known ORM.

2. People who don't use any ORM at all and are new to the idea.

There are some other speciality audiences (like people coming from WebObjects) which I think
are so small as to not be important for the front page.

I think the test will be how we can create a message to cover these two really different audiences.

Cayenne ORM
* Make your application portable: avoid DB lock-in
* Validation, control your data
* Performance (hollow, paging)
* Security and safety
* Faster development, vastly easier refactoring
* Type safety

Enterprise features  (this is 'not Hibernate')
* ObjectContext
* DB-first
* transactions
* Modeler

* crypto
* logging
* etc

What do you think of this structure?

> Will also need to accommodate the Apache boilerplate (logos, donate button), social and
GitHub buttons. 

Aristedes Maniatis
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