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From Nikita Timofeev <>
Subject Re: Renaming cayenne-postcommit module to cayenne-commitlog
Date Mon, 22 May 2017 14:27:28 GMT
Thanks Ari and Andrus for your feedback.

I've merged my changes.

On Sat, May 20, 2017 at 10:10 AM, Andrus Adamchik
<> wrote:
> I also left my +1 on GitHub. Repeating it here.
> "Postcommit" was a placeholder name. The goal of this module was/is to capture commit
changes and present them to interested parties in an easy-to-process format. Naming a module
after its implementation details or the place in the lifecycle feels wrong. In fact we went
through a number of different implementations already, to solve this one problem.
> "Commitlog" name focuses on the intent, so it seems more appropriate.
> As an aside, the concept of an explicit commit log has a potential to take a more central
role in the future Cayenne stack. Currently the stack uses something called GraphDiff which
is roughly an opaque list of change objects that can only be processed using a visitor [2].
GraphDiff can already be transformed to a commit log. And the hope is that commit log may
prove to be a more convenient model for generating updating SQL.
> Andrus
> [1]
> [2]
>> On May 17, 2017, at 2:40 PM, Aristedes Maniatis <> wrote:
>> I accidentally replied just to Nikita, so bringing this back to the list. I think
if it is that specific, then the naming is a great idea.
>> Ari
>> On 17/5/17 9:38pm, Nikita Timofeev wrote:
>>> Hi Ari,
>>> This module is providing access to cayenne's commit log in a form that can be
easily processed.
>>> So you can use it for whatever you can imagine,
>>> thought most obvious usage is some sort of audit logging.
>>> Postcommit module was there for some time as part of cayenne-lifecycle, created
to replace Audit filter.
>>> My change is only about pulling it out(that's done already) and renaming it.
>>> Wednesday, 17 May 2017, 02:05pm +03:00 from Aristedes Maniatis
>>>> On 17/5/17 5:43pm, Nikita Timofeev wrote:
>>>>> Hi all,
>>>>> There is a pull request from me for the subj.
>>>>> It has some braking changes (for feature introduced in 4.0 though)
>>>>> and I want to have some feedback before I can apply it.
>>>>> Details can be found in PR [1] or in Jira [2].
>>>>> In short the idea is to give "postcommit" functionality name that is
>>>>> describe it, as "postcommit" is obscure and clashes with POST_COMMIT
>>>>> callback that is a completely separate feature.
>>>>> [1]
>>>>> [2]
>>>> Can this module be used for things which aren't just logging?
>>>> Ari
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Best regards,
Nikita Timofeev

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