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From Andrus Adamchik <>
Subject M5 (B1?)
Date Sun, 11 Dec 2016 08:48:09 GMT
While the M4 vote is still in progress, I went ahead and created a new version in Jira - 4.0.M5
- to commit the new code. I am actually hoping that M5 will be renamed to B1 at some point,
and we can successfully fight the scope creep. Talking of which, here is what I'd like to
see in Cayenne before the beta code freeze:

1. Cdbimport leftovers: track changes of auto increment status, column type status, etc.

2. Automatic module loading via ServiceLoader mechanism. We have lots of small modules now
(eg. cayenne-java8). I want them to be included in ServerRuntime automatically with no explicit
DI code.

3. Split cayenne-lifecycle into task-specific submodules. With #2 above this only makes sense.

4. API queries with GROUP BY / HAVING. This is a big one, and we have a huge PR waiting a
review. I hope we can make this happen.

5. Java 8 "preference" for Modeler / cdbimport (making it easy to use "java.time" classes
if you are on Java 8 instead of java.util.Date and friends)

6. A module providing JCacheQueryCache, integrating JCache (JSR 107). In addition to being
a "standard", JCache can work as a proxy for most industrial check providers like EhCache,
so we won't have to maintain our own providers for each one of them. (I already built JCacheQueryCache
in Bootique. Will need to port it to Cayenne). Perhaps we also deprecate multiple cache groups
support. None of the modern caches can effectively support more than one cache group per key.
OSCache was the only exception, but OSCache is dead now.

7. Simplify DataChannelFilter. Split it into separate select and update filters, remove 'init'
method (use injection instead).

8. DI improvements. Learned a lot about good DI patterns when writing Bootique. Want to apply
this knowledge to Cayenne DI. We can easily add type-safe collection/map bindings API, as
well as "contribution" API to simplify extensions. 

9. Refresh Swing Modeler design (e.g. do the modern buttons). 

10. Gradle support. Cayenne works with Gradle just fine, but we can provide some explicit
facilities (or at least documentation on the best practices). 

11. Review and deprecate older APIs, such as Query.getName(), Query.getDataMap().

The list is long (and keeps expanding). Though many of these items are negotiable and can
be postponed until 4.1. Also most of the items are not that big. #4 is probably the biggest
and the most invasive of all. I haven't included specific bug fixes. I assume those will happen
at their "normal" pace.

Your list may be different, so please send your comments and offer your favorite items.


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