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From Andrus Adamchik <>
Subject PostgreSQL and MySQL tests on Travis / Docker
Date Sat, 17 Dec 2016 12:51:34 GMT
So I merged Travis/Docker support PR by @IRus [1]. 

It didn't work on MacOS:

[INFO] --- docker-maven-plugin:0.15.6:start (start-postgres) @ cayenne-server ---
[INFO] DOCKER> [postgres:9.5] "db": Start container bb8f98855916
[INFO] DOCKER> [postgres:9.5] "db": Waiting for ports [5432] directly on container with
IP (
[ERROR] DOCKER> [postgres:9.5] "db": Timeout after 30229 ms while waiting on tcp port '[/]'
[ERROR] DOCKER> Error occurred during container startup, shutting down...

Could be something configuration-related, as container startup was actually successful. The
tests just could not figure out correct network connection. Need to debug this some more.

It also failed on Travis [2]. But there are more reasons for optimism. All the failures are
unit test failures that can either be fixed or disabled conditionally. The Docker setup itself
works correctly, and this is a big step forward. MySQL failures are all expected - the exact
same set we saw during release testing. PostgreSQL failures are all new. Not sure what's up
with those?

I disabled these 2 profiles on Travis for now. Should be easy to add them back [3].


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