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From buddha <>
Subject Re: JavaFX modeler
Date Tue, 22 Nov 2016 03:27:49 GMT
Thanks Andrus,  I will try the recommendations for new contributors. 

I do have some expertise in JavaFX. I have been a java developer since 8 years or so. I did
learn JavaFX on my own and authored a course in and working on another javafx
related course. I hope to contribute for this Modeler. 


On 22/11/16, 12:20 AM, "Andrus Adamchik" <> wrote:

    > On Nov 21, 2016, at 8:11 PM, buddha <> wrote:
    > Hi Andrus,
    > We have spoken earlier over email regarding a meetup in Java User Group, Hyderabad.
I am interested in contributing, not sure where to begin though. 
    > Thanks
    > Buddha
    Hi Buddha,
    Good seeing you here. I was also in touch with Rohit, who should be now subscribed to
this list. 
    Some background for the rest of the dev@ subscribers... Rohit and Buddha are the folks
running Hyderabad Java User Group. When I was there a little more than a week ago, we discussed
contributing to open source projects and specifically to Apache Cayenne. Rohit mentioned that
he and some of his colleagues have JavaFX skills, which we certainly need now.
    Now some background for Rohit, Buddha and others who might want to join the fun. Apache
Cayenne is shipped with CayenneModeler mapping tool written in Java Swing. Swing being yesterday's
news, we decided after some discussion on this list that we'd like to create a new Modeler
written in JavaFX. Other technologies were floated as alternatives (mostly various JS frameworks).
But since we are all Java programmers and will need to support this codebase for years to
come, JavaFX was the only realistic choice. Michael Gentry started a prototype under his GitHub
account at . In this thread we started discussing how to bring
this code to Apache so that we can all develop it here. 
    My recommendations for the new contributors are the following:
    * Fork Cayenne on GitHub and make sure you can build it locally, including the current
CayenneModeler (
    * Go through Cayenne tutorial (,
but use your local build of master branch instead of an official release for the code and
for the Modeler.
    * Since you will be working with the Modeler, familiarize yourself with Cayenne project
structure both in its visual Modeler representation, and how it is stored in XML. Things like
DbEntities, DbAttributes, DbRelationships and their Obj counterparts. You will need to understand
how the ORM mapping is structured, as the Modeler is a tool to work with it.
    In the meantime, current Cayenne developers will need to figure out how to organize the
tasks for the JavaFX modeler. 
    since you are the author of the prototype, would you mind handling code transition to
Apache and also explain the state of the JavaFX Modeler now, and your thoughts on the next
dev steps and how they can be parallelized? We've sorta already started doing that, but let's
get to the specifics.

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