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From Michael Gentry <>
Subject Re: Cayenne Modeler Prototype
Date Tue, 29 Mar 2016 12:02:46 GMT
The thing is, if I have to expand something, then I also have to collapse
it, which is something I have to mentally remember to do in order to
control my tree size, which is an added burden.  I think auto-collapsing
(like an accordion) wouldn't be user-friendly, although this could be a
preference setting, I suppose.  I understand the desire to have more room
available for the editor, but i don't think it feels too crammed at the
bottom of the table.

Keep in mind, too, I am planning on additional functionality in the tree
view, it just isn't there yet.  I am planning on having relationships (not
attributes) expandable under each entity in the tree view so you could
drill through the relationships there to reach other entities.

In my model, as an example:

    LineItem -> Item -> Manufacturer -> CostElement -> CostElementCategory
-> ...

In the current CM, I have to go to the relationship tab to see the
relationship, then hunt around for the related entity in the tree view to
find the other relationships.  It is disjointed and non-relational and I
don't like hunting around for it.  I was planning something more like
EOModeler where your tree view would allow this (hopefully the formatting
is preserved):

    [+] LineItem
        [+] Item
            [+] Manufacturer
                [+] CostElement
                    [+] CostElementCategory
                        [+] ...

This would allow you to focus on a group of related objects (which is how I
tend to edit models) without having to bounce all over the tree view as
much.  Selecting the Manufacturer would open up the ObjEntity editor for
the Manufacturer, but you can easily select one of the other closely
related entities to edit in that graph.  Having the attributes in the tree
would make that feature nearly useless as it would introduce too much
scrolling in the tree view and your relationships wouldn't be kept
together.  I suppose you could add a [+] to expand the attributes, but that
still introduces more vertical space and you have to expand the attributes
to edit them.

This screenshot is small, but maybe it'll help illustrate:

You can click the [+] beside the Administrator to see relationships
under/associated with it and you can keep drilling down through the object


On Tue, Mar 29, 2016 at 7:27 AM, Aristedes Maniatis <>

> On 29/03/2016 8:36pm, Michael Gentry wrote:
> > The concern I'd have with the MySQL Workbench approach is there'd be a
> lot
> > more scrolling involved.  The model I have is already fairly large and I
> > don't like scrolling around it looking for things.  If I had to expand
> > attributes (and relationships) and select the property to edit, I think
> the
> > amount of scrolling would become quite hectic.  On my 27" iMac with CM
> 3.1
> > taking up the full vertical height of the screen, the tree view is about
> > 1/2 shown.  At least one ObjEntity has enough attributes to more than
> fill
> > the vertical height, too.  If all of those properties start getting
> > expanded in the tree view, it would become quite chaotic, I think.
> Let's talk about this point specifically. In MySQL Workbench there is
> exactly the same problem... very very long lists. One of my db servers has
> 60 databases and each database has about 120 tables. Each table might
> average 15 columns.
> But of course you never have the whole thing expanded at once. Typically
> you'd use it just like you would the three panel approach with a similar
> number of clicks. The tree only becomes unhelpful if you expand lots of
> things at once and maybe an accordion approach (where expanding one thing
> collapses everything else) could work.
> The only reason I really like this approach though is how much more room
> is available for the editor, rather than cramming it into the bottom 20% of
> the frame. Everything else apart from the editor is just navigation.
> Ari
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> Aristedes Maniatis
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