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From Michael Gentry <>
Subject Re: Cayenne Modeler Prototype
Date Tue, 29 Mar 2016 10:05:37 GMT
I was going to do separate e-mails for each point, but now it feels like
too many e-mails and I'm being lazy.  :-)


On Tue, Mar 29, 2016 at 12:55 AM, Aristedes Maniatis <>

> 2. A three panel view. So, Michael's design but with the additional
> properties to the right rather than at the bottom.
> This sort of approach is common in email. Tree of mailboxes to the left.
> List of messages in the middle and the details to the right. We'd have
> domain/map/objentities in the left tree. Attributes in the middle. Options
> to the right.
> Pros:
> * Left tree is simpler than in option 1
> * Shows hierarchy better than option 0 (Michael's mockup)
> Cons
> * Middle panel (list of attributes) would need to have fewer columns than
> we do now in order to keep the width to a minimum.
> * Not as flexible as option 1
> * combination of tree and multi-panel approach might be confusing

I thought about doing this, too, but it felt like it would be too wide and
I like the idea of the attributes table showing me a lot of the information
at-a-glance.  (Admittedly, can't really get the JavaDocs/etc in the table,
but at least the names/types/locking can be seen quite readily.)    You
mention Apple Mail layout is set up very similar to this
prototype's layout (mailboxes left, messages in mailbox upper right,
message thread for selected message lower right).  I suppose with
wide-screen monitors more popular now, three columns might be doable, but I
think there is a lot of value in seeing the names/types/locking information
pretty readily, too, without needing additional work.

> 3. Move the additional options (javadoc, annotations, etc) into floating
> windows like the Relationship Inspector.
> Pros:
> * Least effort
> * Yeah, nothing else.. its a pretty horrible UI choice.
> Cons:
> * Ugh

I kind of despise those floating inspectors.  :-)  It feels like hidden
information that should be more immediately presented.  I feel I've spent
too much of my life bringing up those inspectors...

I had a quick go at mocking some of these up, but spent so much time
> fighting the tools that I didn't get very far. Michael, if convenient can
> you send through your SceneBuilder files to play with?

I can absolutely share.  Do you want just the FXML files?  I still have
re-factoring work to do (the ObjEntity tab views are all in one FXML file
currently, and I want to split it out into separate view files/controllers,
for example -- one controller/view per tab), so I'm expecting them to
change quite a bit.  My hope is that sometime next week I'll have it
cleaned up enough to share all of it (Java, READMEs, etc).  Keep in mind
this is very much a prototype/hack and I'm learning JavaFX as I go (only
spent ~4 days on it so far).

I think the other problem to solve is the icons. Myself, I typically use
> Cayenne Modeler once every few months. So every time I use it, I'm clicking
> on icons to try and remember which one is which. Is blob-blob-plus a new
> relationship?

Tooltips are required for all of these.  Even when I've "lived" in CM, I
still used the tooltips a lot...

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