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From Andrew Lindesay <>
Subject Re: Cayenne Modeler Prototype
Date Tue, 29 Mar 2016 08:11:05 GMT
Hello Michael;

It is great that you are able to make some improvements to the modeller.

Some years ago I spent some time drafting-up some replacement icons. 
Unfortunately they are not high-resolution and, with current
commitments, I am unlikely to be able to complete them at this time...

The concept was that red things are Cayenne and blue/grey/purple with
red/green/purple stipple are database.


Andrew Lindesay

On Tue, Mar 29, 2016, at 09:06, Michael Gentry wrote:
> I've spent a few days starting a prototype for a JavaFX-based version of
> Cayenne Modeler.  Andrus suggested I share some screenshots with the
> list,
> so here they are:
> The UI is done almost entirely using FXML files and SceneBuilder, so it
> is
> fairly easy to change around.
> I was using the 3.1 CM as a basis, but will switch things over to the 4.0
> CM shortly.
> One thing I'm curious about is with the 4.0 CM, the
> attributes/relationships tabs have been merged.  With the approach I was
> taking, keeping them separate allowed an "inspector" to appear below the
> the attributes (I was going to take the same approach for relationships)
> so
> that you don't have to deal with a popup inspector.  I think this is very
> useful when adding the JavaDoc and Annotations support.  Having the
> inspector there obviously takes up valuable screen space, so I'm
> concerned
> that if the attributes and relationships remain merged, as in the 4.0 CM,
> the display area would be quite tight.  Maybe we should keep them
> separate?
> I've spent 3-4 days on it thus far, but would love some constructive
> feedback, especially if I'm heading down a bad path.
> Thanks,
> mrg

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