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From Andrus Adamchik <>
Subject Change of algorithm for positional binding
Date Thu, 22 Jan 2015 09:05:33 GMT
After some use in real life apps, I made a 180 degrees turn on positional parameters logic.
The change affects SQLSelect/SQLTemplate and Expression. In cases where a given named parameter
is mentioned more than once in a template, originally we'd treat each occurrence as an individual
position. E.g.:

   ExpressionFactory.exp("a = $a or x = $x and y = $x").paramsArray("A", 5, 6);

This caused a few issues:

* Allowing to bind a given parameter to different values (see example above) was a dubious
"feature" to begin with.
* In most cases you'd bind it to the same value though, resulting in ugly repeat bindings.
* Inconsistency with named bindings - you would have fewer params if you bind with a Map vs.
binding with an array.
* Conditional logic in SQLTemplate would break, with no reasonable workaround. 

The last item tipped the scale and I changed to a different approach. From Javadocs:

"If a given parameter name is used more than once, only the first occurrence is treated as
"position", subsequent occurrences are bound with the same value as the first one." So the
example above would look like this:

   ExpressionFactory.exp("a = $a or x = $x and y = $x").paramsArray("A", 5);

So if you used "paramsArray" from nightly builds, you may revisit your code and remove repeating
bindings if any.


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