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From Andrus Adamchik <>
Subject Re: December 2014 Board Report
Date Fri, 12 Dec 2014 07:48:53 GMT
Here is a report draft. I don't think we need a wiki or even GoogleDoc for it. If someone wants
to make an edit, doing it via email is perfectly fine (and perhaps easier to communicate to
all of us compared to alternatives).

Feel free to comment. I am planning to email it to the board tomorrow. 


Apache Cayenne is a Java persistence framework. It takes a distinct approach to 
object persistence and provides an ORM runtime, remote persistence services, and 
a GUI mapping/modeling tool.

### Project Status

* Cayenne 3.1 Final was released on September 29.
* Active 3.2 release branch was renamed to 4.0 to reflect a significant scope of changes.
* 4.0 development has been very active. We added a new fluent query APIs, and a new automated

  way to synchronize the ORM model with DB-schema and Java classes. More new features are

  likely to happen in the coming months.
* We are in preparations to release 4.0.M2.

### Community

* dev@ list activity is higher than before, due to the active discussions of 
  the new 4.0 features.
* There seems to be a trend of declining activity on the user@ list though. 
  Not specifically in this quarter, more like a long-term trend, partially explained 
  by good support provided on stackoverflow, partially perhaps by the project maturity.
* We receive steady contributions from two new developers.
* The last PMC member was added in December 2012.
* The last committer was added in May 2012.
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