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From Aristedes Maniatis <>
Subject Re: Java 1.7 for 4.0 .. again
Date Mon, 27 Oct 2014 22:54:00 GMT
On 27/10/2014 6:11pm, Andrus Adamchik wrote:
> Heh, so we are the pioneers of Java 7 on Mac with japp-maven-plugin [1] and CayenneModeler

We moved our project over to since
that solves a few issues for us compared to the stagnated oracle bundler. Note there is also
this maven wrapper which is similar to the thing you wrote:

>> > Many (most?) Swing apps on OSX seem to have stuck with Java 6, perhaps because
of the difficulty of explaining to users why they need to run a different bundle.
> While I am not familiar with full stats on this, it is actually quite easy to ship a
JRE (7 or 8) with your Swing app and make it independent of the underlying system Java if
you don't mind adding an extra 150MB to the download. Not saying *we* should do it, just a
general observation.

Yes; it isn't quite as bad as 150Mb since you just need the JRE which is only a third of that.
But it still seems clunky.

>> > As for the cayenne library itself... from a personal point of view I've moved
everything to Java 7 so it doesn't affect me, but I don't think Cayenne is the type of library
that should move too fast. What do we gain by moving? I can't think of anything in Java 7
that would help us. And it will disenfranchise some users.
> While I'd love to start using diamond syntax and try-with-resources in our own code,
the reason I am advocating the switch is mainly testing and support costs. We are to start
supporting Java 8 as a separate module soon (datetime classes for instance). This means dev
environment will switch to Java 8, making it easier to mess things up in non-Java8 modules.
Java 7 is somewhat closer to 8, making it somewhat more manageable.
> Also this is a bit of a projection based on our history, I'd say 4.0 beta is 1 year away,
and 4.0 final is probably 2 years away. So there's hope that no one will remember Java 6 by
> Maybe while we continue this conversation here, I should cross-post to user and also
start a poll on Twitter (?)

Sure, why not. Note that Hibernate (for comparison) only moved to Java 6 as a minimum with
version 4.x (released 2012). Hibernate 3.x worked back to Java 4.

On the other hand, those users can always stay on Cayenne 3.x. Some of the new features are
probably more compelling for someone starting a new project rather than someone refactoring
all the queries in their application to the new syntax.


Aristedes Maniatis
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