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From Aristedes Maniatis <>
Subject Re: Java 1.7 for 4.0 .. again
Date Sun, 26 Oct 2014 23:17:39 GMT
Java on OSX is still a complete mess. I have to deal with it every day and I cannot tell you
the pain it is.

Personally I have no objections to moving to Java 7 for the modeler since all our users are
developers who will have no trouble coping with such an upgrade. What it gets us is having
only one OSX app bundle to look after. And we don't really lose anything.

We could also offer a webstart version of modeler... that's actually simpler in some ways.

It is worth noting that Intellij is still bound to Java 6. You can try running it in Java
7/8 but there are still quite a few bugs. Many (most?) Swing apps on OSX seem to have stuck
with Java 6, perhaps because of the difficulty of explaining to users why they need to run
a different bundle.

As for the cayenne library itself... from a personal point of view I've moved everything to
Java 7 so it doesn't affect me, but I don't think Cayenne is the type of library that should
move too fast. What do we gain by moving? I can't think of anything in Java 7 that would help
us. And it will disenfranchise some users.


On 27/10/2014 12:05am, Andrus Adamchik wrote:
> So quite a bit of time has passed since our last Java 7 discussion. Java 6 is even more
distant memory now. Of which I was reminded today after I upgraded my laptop to Yosemite.
My Modeler instance wouldn't start without installing "legacy Java SE 6 runtime" (of course
I quickly switched to Java 7 modeler and all was good). So I suggest two things, both applying
to Cayenne 4.0 (aka 3.2) :
> 1. Make Java 1.7 a minimal requirement.
> 2. If #1 meets any opposition, at least stop supporting Java 6 friendly Modeler assembly
on the Mac, which existence has no reasonable excuse anymore.
> Andrus

Aristedes Maniatis
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