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From Andrus Adamchik <>
Subject ROP over LinkRest
Date Sun, 31 Aug 2014 15:26:41 GMT
After a marathon of 5 LinkRest [1,2] releases in the last 20 days, I am starting to think it
soon might become capable enough to replace Hessian in ROP. Which is going to be awesome,
as the same server will be able to work with either Swing/SWT or JS clients, and ROP may break
out of its current shrinking niche.

Aside from the protocol details, the biggest architectural difference between current ROP
and LinkRest is that the later is not based on blind serialization. Instead it has a well-defined
query API that the client would have to follow. SelectQuery, RelationshipQuery, ObjectIdQuery
will all be easily translatable to LinkRest. As well as commits (after PATCH [3] is implemented).
Some consequences of the above:

* A LinkRest server can have fine-grained security. To a point of shaping the response objects
and attributes per user role. We’ve done that already on a number of real projects.
* A LinkRest server can be upgraded without upgrading all the clients. E.g. we can use newer
Cayenne version on the server and the client wouldn’t know.

I am working on improving LinkRest now, and don’t have immediate plans to jump on the ROP
adapter for that, but still wanted to gauge interest in such a technology. And of course in
a wider LinkRest discussion. 



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